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This is a historical page - now private. No commercial offerings here.

IBU is the Inter-Regional Internet Service (ISP) division of BSn.

IBU services are designed exclusively for the information technology and publishing professional.

IBU is a small "specialized" interregional managed network with (a growing number of) local access and support centres in Bavaria and Thuringen.

Directly connected to a main node of the European networks and managed from a well equipped Network Information Centre (NIC) managed by IBU, the IBU-Network deploys some of the best, most reliable Internet technologies available on the world market. Right down to the UPS systems the entire network is SNMP managed.

The IBU is staffed by highly trained professionals with several decades of Inter-networking experience ranging as far back to pioneer development of the original ARPA Network in the early 70s. Each "node" also has its own field of specialization ("knowledge centers").

IBU services range from Hardware Sales and Support, Connectivity, Internet Publishing, Messaging Services, Software Development and Management Consulting.

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Internet Business Unit (IBU)

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